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Best City Strollers

Ahhhh, city living. There’s nothing like it in the world.

When a baby comes along, you’ll be so happy you live in a place where you can easily walk to your favorite markets and cafes without having to endure the anxieties of driving.

We’ve picked the best strollers for the city in two distinct categories: 1) lightweight/compact for the minimalist parents who are always on the go, 2) and full-sized for fashionista parents who also need a ride that versatile and adaptable. We’ve made out picks based on our own experiences as parents in the city and on the many (many) strollers we’ve used over the years. 😳

I highly recommending purchasing these from our partner, Magic Beans. Eli and his crew know everything about these strollers and can answer any questions you have. Oh, and free shipping. 🙂

~ Without further ado, here’s our list of best strollers for the city in order of price (lowest to highest) ~

Best Lightweight City Strollers

Here are our favorite lightweight city strollers (and they all weigh less than 20 lbs, with one slight exception!). Listed in order of price (from lowest to highest).

BabyJogger City Tour Lux

Zoe XL1 Best V2 ~ $179

The 11-lb Zoe XL1 is a great all-purpose stroller – and gets bonus points for being perfect for the city. The brand listened to parent feedback and increased the size of the Zoe’s wheels for the v2, so it can better handle rougher terrain and turn on a dime (though it can still make for a bumpy ride when going over potholes). But overall, you’re looking for an inexpensive, do-it-all travel and city stroller for a great price, look no further.

Maclaren Triumph ~ $225 ($169 on sale)

Weight: 12 lbs

Buy Now

Maclaren was designed for European city living in tight spaces. The ever-popular Triumph is a highly-rated umbrella stroller with a nearly flat recline (for babies 6 months+), a decent storage basket (for an umbrella), super easy fold, a nice buckle, and a padded seat.

This stroller comes with a carry strap and a rain cover, but like most umbrella strollers, it doesn’t take a car seat. Umbrella strollers have the most compact fold – as opposed to a more square fold that you would find in a “regular” stroller, so they’re among the best city strollers for those who are space challenged.

See the full review (and other favorite umbrella strollers). See also: UPPAbaby G-Lux.

Joovy Caboose Ultralight ~ $249, $162 on Amazon, – Best Sit N’ Stand for 2

Joovy Caboose UL Graphite Car Seat
Buy Now

Weight: 22 lbs

At 22 pounds, this utilitarian sit n’ stand is very lightweight for a double stroller. No, it doesn’t have a luxury look or feel, but it comes with nice extras like a parent console, a large canopy, and even a rear canopy for a child sitting in back (new feature). It has a strap that functions as a universal infant car seat adapter (though FYI, the seats are strapped down rather than being “clicked in” to the stroller).

The Joovy Caboose also has the option of adding a second seat for the back (the “Rear Seat“) if your older kid isn’t ready yet for the bench seat, or if you’re going out for a longer stroll. This is one of the best city strollers we know for taking two kids on outings to places like the zoo and the aquarium. See the full review of the Caboose Ultralight here.

Psstt — the brand new “Caboose S” just hit the market (March 2018). It’s a larger, upscale offering that allows the infant seat to go in the rear and generally gives you more space, more padding and a much bigger canopy. Check it out.

Joovy Caboose UL Graphite Side

Baby Jogger City Mini  ~ $259 ($179 on Amazon) – Editor’s Choice

Weight: 18.4 lbs

Buy Now

This stroller needs no introduction; it’s the stroller you will see parked at every playground in American cities. It’s a 3-wheel compact/lightweight stroller with an easy one-handed fold, huge sunshade, and has smooth, one-handed steering. The comfortably padded seat lies down flat for a napping baby. The one complaint is that its basket isn’t super accessible. The City Mini is also available as a double.

Baby Jogger makes a plethora of car seat adapters, including the Graco SnugRide Click Connect, Britax/BOB, Cybex, Maxi-Cosi, Nuna, Peg Perego and the Chicco KeyFit 30.  

For an all-terrain option with a taller seat and higher weight limit, consider the Baby Jogger City Mini GT ($359/$280 on Amazon). The GT also comes in a doubles version.

I used this stroller for years and have nothing but good things to say about it. To me, it’s the best of all worlds.

Baby Jogger City Tour Lux ~ $299

Buy Now

Weight: 19 lbs

We’re very excited about this new release, which is an upgrade from the regular City Tour stroller…which is a more compact version of the aforementioned City Mini.

This 19 lb stroller is modular, baby! That means the seat can face either direction—a feature usually only found in heavier luxury strollers.

It has upgraded features, such as a hand-brake (great for summer shoe wearing), a large canopy, a compact, one-hand fold, all-wheel suspension for navigating uneven city streets, a carry bag, and a carry strap.

You can buy an optional pram for newborns. The seat can hold kids up to 35 lbs (aka a large 3-year-old). You can optionally attach Baby Jogger’s glider board for an older kid who might like to hop on for a ride. You can purchase adapters for Graco, Britax, Chicco, and Maxi Cosi/Cybex infant car seats.

The engineering on this stroller is so super cool — I think it’s truly unique!

Check out Eli’s video review here:

UPPAbaby Minu ~ $399

Weight: 14.5 plus

Buy Now

We’re ALSO totally stoked about the new UPPAbaby Minu compact stroller, which holds kids up to 50 lbs. This sleek, 14.5 lb stroller has an extremely compact fold (part of a new wave of “tri-fold” strollers that are becoming very popular right now), a luxe leather handlebar, and an optional “From Birth Kit” ($129) for your newborn. Note this stroller only faces forward.

The Minu features a nicely sized basket, all-wheel suspension, extendable canopy, seat pocket for your keys and such, and a storage bag for travel. You can buy car seat adapters to click in the following infant car seats: Nuna Pipa/Maxi Cosi/Cybex and UPPAbaby Mesa.

Check out our video review below ~

Doona Infant Car Seat and Stroller ~ $499 — A one-piece car seat/stroller for infants only

Buy Now

Weight: 17 lbs

If you’d describe yourself as an urban family on the go (you take a lot of Ubers, Lyfts, taxis, etc.), then you should definitely take a look at the Doona car seat/stroller. This infant car seat (with anti-rebound bar, extra side impact protection, and layers of EPS foam) transforms into a stroller by popping out the wheels and pulling out the extendable handle. Say what?!

Just to be clear, the Doona is a “car seat mobility solution” —meaning, it’s a great way to take your car seat around anywhere you go. That said, it’s not a replacement for a regular stroller. It’s really just your car seat solution for car outings. It’s not what you would take with you for a neighborhood stroll.

Watch the video to check out its innovative design. You pop out the wheels in one motion, pull up the handle, and presto: your car seat is ready to go for a stroll! You can push it one-handed, and it maneuvers easily along crowded streets. Yep— if you’re a city dweller (or just looove the idea of not needing to haul around a stroller in addition to your infant car seat), you may want to strongly consider the Doona.

The downside is that there is NO storage, which is a big bummer. Also, it’s not great for parents who have stairs between their front door and the road (but great for elevators!), as the unit is quite heavy to carry for any period of time (close to 17 lbs). However, it starts to look quite good when compared to carrying 2 separate pieces (a car seat and a stroller), whose total combined weight is typically somewhere between 25 and 30 lbs.

You can optionally purchase a LATCH base that stays in your car, a rain cover, and a sunshade extension.

*Works for babies up to 32 inches in height. Realistically, you’d use this car seat/stroller hybrid for about the first year of your newborn’s life, then switch to a convertible car seat and a new stroller.

Bugaboo Bee5 ~ $759 (on sale for $651)

Buy Now

Weight: 19.6 lbs

The Bugaboo Bee5 is a faaaabulous option for city dwellers (Brooklyn, ahem). You can even customize it so you get exactly what color fabrics, chassis, and wheels you want…or if that all sounds far too exhausting, you can get one with all those choices already made for you (phew!).

Put simply, the Bee5 is a lightweight, simple, modular stroller. Again, that means the seat pops off to face forward or rear. Additionally, the stroller can fold with the seat facing either direction, which is a huge plus. Unlike most other Bugaboo strollers, you don’t have to remove the seat to fold it, which wins huge points for me.

The Bee5 (there was no Bee4 – in case you’re confused, they skipped right over that one!) is really a great city stroller because it’s stylish, lightweight, has an amazing push, a comfy seat, a nice storage basket, and includes a rain cover. Urban parents love Bugaboo strollers for how well they maneuver in city environments, their generous sun canopies, adjustable handlebars, and extremely (easy!) compact fold.

The only thing we don’t love is the price. Alas. 😉

*You can purchase car seat adapters for Cybex/Maxi-Cosi, Britax B-Safe, and Chicco KeyFit infant seats.  

Best Full-Sized City Strollers:

Sometimes a city gal just wants it all: bigger wheels for a smoother ride, larger canopies, loads of storage, etc. After all, when you live in the city, your stroller is pretty much your “car.” Note that some of these have the option to add a second seat for Baby #2. 😉 

Baby Jogger City Select Lux

Baby Jogger City Select Lux ~ $629 ($500 on sale)

Buy Now

Weight: 28 lbs as a single; 34 as a double

The City Select Lux is a luxury convertible stroller that’s great as a single with its reversible seat, large storage basket, adjustable handlebar, and luxury features. And that shopping basket, tho!

When your 2nd baby comes along, you can add either a regular 2nd seat or an optional bench seat ($90) for your older toddler or preschooler (approx. age 2.5 and up). Although heavy and not great for hauling in and out of your car, this one earns a place in our best city strollers list because of its large wheels, nice suspension, and easy push (on flat terrain), plus its many different seating options (as both seats are modular and you can get a bench seat).

City Select Lux with (optional) bench seat

Note: As a double, this stroller is fairly long and can be more difficult to steer and maneuver around hilly areas (it’s especially hard to pop up on curbs). Thus, we don’t recommend this stroller (or the regular City Select) for those that live in very hilly neighborhoods (Noe Valley, Pac Heights, I’m looking at you ;-))

2018 UPPAbaby Cruz ~ $549

Buy Now

Weight: 21.5 lbs

The Cruz is the lighter, simpler, more affordable full-sized UPPAbaby offering (vs. the Vista) – but still awesome! Perhaps my favorite “simple single” – and a good bit less than the Bee5.

The Cruz is lighter than its larger counterpart, the Vista (21.5 lbs vs. 26.6 lbs) and more compact, yet still boasts the key features of the Vista. Two big differences: the Cruz does not come with a bassinet and cannot convert into a double stroller later on. The tires on the Cruz mimic the cushioned ride of an air-filled tire with the lightweight benefit of foam. 

Like the Vista, the Cruz is also modular (reversible seat). It’s one of the best city strollers out there because it’s stylish, super easy to fold, has the same amazing sunshade, telescoping handlebar, extra large basket, and includes a bumper bar. And the textiles are mmmmm mmmmm. 

  • If you are getting the Cruz or the Vista, do yourself a favor and get the UPPAbaby Mesa car seat.

Note: The 2018 Cruz has a few stylistic changes from the 2017. All 2018 Cruzes now come with either black or brown leather handlebars and bumper bars. They’ve brought back the popular “Denny” red color and added two new ones, a green melange and a charcoal melange. The Cruz’s frame is also now powder-coated to reduce scratching. See more.

Nuna Mixx Next ~ $749

Nuna Mixx Next Stroller
Buy Now

Weight: 27 lbs

Nuna, Bugaboo, and UPPAbaby are known for making some of the best city strollers out there because of how easily they navigate uneven city sidewalks. Oh, and because they’re beautiful. 

Personally, I find Nuna strollers to be unnecessarily heavy, but people love their look. The Mixx Next has a modular seat (can face forward or rear) so your baby can face either direction, an adjustable handlebar (with faux leather padding), a one-touch rear brake, a huuuuge storage basket, a plush seat with breathable fabric and a full recline for newborns, a rotating leg rest, a one-hand fold (and un-fold) and all-wheel suspension.

You don’t need a separate bassinet for this stroller (like you get with the Vista) because the seat basically morphs into one (for newborns). That means one less peice to keep track of/store away when you’re done with it. 

When folded, you can pull it along behind you like a rolling suitcase (this is good because of the weight). The fabrics on Nuna strollers (and Cybex, for that matter) are something to behold. They’ve paid great attention to detail and it shows on their textiles.

Again, this stroller is definitely on the heavier side, as far as single strollers go, and some parents complain that it doesn’t easily pop up on curbs.

Keep in mind – this stroller is VERY similar to the Cybex Priam, but for about 40% less, so that’s something to consider. I think the Cruz is a better value, but this is a great option for “something different.”

2018 UPPAbaby Vista ~ $899

Buy Now

Weight: 26.6 lbs

Doubles Kit: $199

I have a confession: UPPAbaby is my favorite luxury brand (in case that wasn’t obvious, LOL). This US-based company (located in Rockland, Mass) makes beautiful baby products that offer a great value – and their customer service is top notch. With the introduction of the “melange” fabrics in 2018, they’re not losing any style points, either. In fact, their stuff is becoming very popular in Europe. 

The UPPAbaby Vista is an awesome city stroller that offers style and functionality for a non-ridiculous price. It’s a modular (reversible) stroller with excellent 4-wheel suspension, a large storage basket, an adjustable handlebar, and the best sun canopy on the market.

People loooove the UPPAbaby bassinet, which comes standard with this stroller.

You can use this bassinet in your home for overnight sleep, for travel…. for whatever. You can also buy the bassinet stand to elevate it. You can even turn it into a laundry stand when you’re done with it! It’s sick. Yes, the bassinet is a big attraction of this stroller

The 2nd cool thing about the Vista is that it becomes an awesome double stroller, with purchase of the second seat, the “rumble seat” (max weight 35 lbs). For an older child (or a 3rd kid!), you can also get the UPPAbaby Piggyback Ride-Along Board ($119). Yep — this one is top notch! See the full review here.

This stroller is a little heavier, but it does A LOT. It has crazy storage, an easy fold, a HUGE canopy, and high-end touches. The bassinet and 2nd seat only add to my love for it ❤. I really don’t think any of these foreign strollers have anything on it (snap, snap snap).

Cybex Priam All-Terrain ~ $999

Buy Now

Weight: 25-27 lbs

“Urban Street Poetry”

This fancy-pants Euro stroller is really…let’s put it this way…every photo you see of this stroller is of a supermodel pushing it in high heels. Wearing an urban cowboy hat. Yes, it is absolutely all about style with the Cybex brand.

This stroller has two very distinct parts: the frame and the seat. The frame is about 11 lbs and is very sleek and “chrome” looking. It has a super simplistic look and feel. And the white-washed wheels, tho. Damn, gurl.

With the frame, you can get two different types of wheels: Trekking or All-Terrain. The Trekking version has slimmer rear wheels for increased maneuverability and the All-Terrain version has larger wheels that can go off-roading. OMG — you can even get SKI attachments for the front of the stroller. WHAT!?? 

Yes, those are SKIS (mind: blown)

For the “seat” part (all sold separately), you can choose from many options as well: the bassinet, a Cybex (or Nuna) infant car seat, the “Lux Seat,” or the “2-in-1 Light Seat.” Car seat adapters come with it.

To recap — for the seats, you can choose the Lux seat or the “2-in-1 Light Seat.” The Lux seat reclines fully (can be used from birth) and is heavier/more expensive/more plush. The Light seat is 2 lbs. lighter and can also be converted to a bassinet for a newborn.

Note that the seat is high up on the chassis (almost like the Stokke), so some use it as a high chair at restaurants and such. Like the Bugaboo Chameleon, it also has a two-wheel mode (I call it the “drag” position – see below), so you can roll it up and down stairs, or through sand and snow.

The features on the Priam are top notch. They include an adjustable handlebar, adjustable leg rest, enormous sun canopy, one-handed seat recline, and faux leather bumper bar. The basket “pops” out to reveal a rather large basket. It’s very pop-ey. 

On the downside, this stroller has a multi-step fold (beauty comes at a cost!) — it’s a little more cumbersome than an UPPAbaby or Nuna – or even a City Mini, for that matter. But once folded, it’s pretty easy to carry on your shoulder. All in all, this is a gorgeous, full-sized city stroller — if you decide to go for it, do yourself a favor and buy a cup holder too!

Check out Eli’s review here:

Bottom Line: The Priam is beautiful, but expensive and on the heavier side (for a non-convertible). You’re really buying this for the features and cool style.


There you have it, folks: our top picks for the best city strollers, whether you’re looking for a lightweight stroller that’s easy to haul around town or a full-sized stroller that can carry everything you and baby need. Happy strollin’!

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